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The Strong Box 

The Strong Box (10 min) USA

Randall, broke and in debt, finds ancient treasure in an old strong box. The treasure can be his...if he grants one simple request.


Director – Hassan El-Amin 

Hassan El-Amin is a Director with a creative flair and a knack for solving problems. Hassan was an odd kid. Typically, Black kids from Detroit don’t grow up loving Kubrick and Kurosawa. He blames his odd parents for exposing him to arthouse cinema at a young age. He graduated from Howard University’s film school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Once there, he quickly realized how expensive the city is and got a PA job. That job led to better jobs which led to an Emmy Award winning career as a Television Editor for the entertainment news show Extra. Yet, as the years passed, something began to nag at him. What happened to the dream? He had to make a change. So he got to work. He wrote scripts, raised money and begged and cajoled friends in the industry to help him get back to doing what he loves, making movies. In his spare time, Hassan enjoys kicking things like “ass” and “bad habits.” The discipline and skills gained from his second passion martial arts allows him to do just that. But most of all he’s into films and wants to share his joy of making them with the world. One day he hopes to direct a feature film and make his mama proud(er). Hassan El-Amin lives in North Hollywood, California. It’s just like Hollywood without the traffic, money or famous people.


"Randall" - Joseph Fox

"The Head" - Time Winters


Director - Hassan El-Amin

Director of Photography - John Ames

Assistant Director - Fred Charleston

Script Supervisor - Michael Harris, Kristyn Stewart

Sound Mixer - Scott Evans, Robert Martin

Visual Effects Supervisor - Pratik Pradeep Singh

Boom Operator - Charlie Jimenez

Gaffer - James Brown, Stephen Pinkston

1st Assistant Camera - Townsend Dick

2nd Assistant Camera - Arianna Cobbs

Grip - Kevin Tie, Darnell Williams

Key Makeup Artist - Yun Nam

Assistant Makeup Artist - Gabriella Paredez, Christine Jackson

Production Assistant - Edwin Monterroza

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