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Alabaster (8 min) United States 

This project was created to maximize mental health awareness and decimate the associated stigmas on an international level. Beyond the 1 in 5 afflicted, this is also for the other understand from that 1's point of view. The script is an adaptation of poems from "Lost In Life's Ocean" by Will Reyes, woven into a four intersecting storylines.

Director- Dan Ramm

Dan wrote his college submission essay about how he spent his entire childhood making Hi-8 analog-edited movies-- in a scheme to be rejected. That way his parents would let him go to film school. It failed on both fronts.

He is in permanent beta, with a particular set of skills surpassed only by Liam Neeson. He was known for threatening monologues on flip phones before it was cool. The guy won Platinum and Gold from the Hermes Creative Awards three times in 2020 for interactive storytelling, social impact, and technical craft, a Silver Muse Creative Award... that's about enough of that.

A certain written & verbal aptitude without the often-accompanying attitude. Probably because he's a college dropout and allergic to the rarest horse on earth. Did I mention he owes me five bucks?


Film Crew: 

Director - Dan Ramm

Writers - Dan Ramm, Will Reyes

Producers -Amanda Mottola

Executive Producer -Dan Ramm

Producer -Daniel Schmidt

Cinematographer - Dan Ramm

Director Of Photography - Dan Ramm

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