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ICE '20

ICE' '20 (8 min) Iceland

3000 kilometers, 25 hours of sleep, 10 kilograms of pasta: 12 people from 12 different planets traveling to another one at the turn of the decade to see what matters.

Director-  Pawel Cichonski  

In parallel with handling multiple interests, he has been making films since he was a kid, presently working on various projects in Europe and the USA. Not only is he fascinated with humanity and art but also with science, currently studying for a Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering at University of Pisa, Italy and learning his 5th language. Yet as a teenager he managed to organise a local premiere of his thriller that attracted over 400 people. Since then his films have been screened and awarded at the festivals all around the world, where even the ones made entirely in only 48 hours with no budget for the competition '48 Hour Film Project' are being selected and winning against regular and budgeted productions. Since 2015 he's been a leader of a team made up of young Silesian artists associated under the name of Katodelic Pictures.

shot and edited by Pawel Cichonski


music by 

Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar

Boney M – Sunny




Emanuele Antico

Pepe Cava

Paweł Cichoński

Giulio Corsi

Grzegorz Drozdz

Iwona Kiszka

Paolo Lia

Katarzyna Majda

Sol Mochón Benguigui

Margarita Petrenko

Kamil Placha
Łukasz Winkler


Katodelic Pictures




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