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CLEARING (13 min) UK

At 18 Kaila knows what she wants but finds herself struggling to stay motivated following a serious incident. Starring Jasmine Jobson from Netflix’s Top Boy.


Director - Janet Marrett

Janet Marrett is the Founder of Mediathirsty Productions and is experienced producing and directing independent films as well as campaign, heritage and marketing films. Janet is passionate about featuring diverse ethnicities on film. She is a huge fan of realist dramatic styles and is inspired by filmmakers like Steve McQueen, Asghar Farhadi, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Barry Jenkins, Amma Asante and Andrea Arnold amongst many others.

Writer, Director & Producer: Janet Marrett

Principal cast: Jasmine Jobson

Director of Photography: Korsshan Schlauer

Editor: Emily Jo West

Composer: Bankey Ojo

Production Design: Isobel Power-Smith

Sound Design: Arron Emo-Travers

Colourist: Philipp Morozov

Cast: Nicola Alexis, Anu Jaiyeola, Helena Tang-Grosso, Yannick Budd, Faraz M. Khan, Drou Constantinou, Xavien Russell

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