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AD-AGE (15 min) USA


Sometimes words take you places, you can't come back from


Director - Bilko Cuervo

Bilko Cuervo is an award-winning Cuban Director, Cinematographer, and Writer with over 10 years of filmmaking experience. His skills as a Visual Artist, besides garnering him an impressive number of awards for his work. Have made him one of the most sought-after young Directors and Cinematographers of his generation. Opening doors that have given him the opportunity to create mesmerizing works of art in many places around the world, 

aside from his native Cuba. Bilko is widely viewed as an auteur by his peers for his truly unique style and vision.

Bilko Cuervo (Director, writer & producer) 

Sean T. Brown( Actor, producer & Script  Consultant) 

Marciel Miranda (Composer) 

Jack calhoun ( Producer ) 

Keith Kristinat ( Editor) 

Jose Lore (Line Producer) 

Ana felix de la Luz( 1st AD & Continuity) 

Maureen Cariou( Art Director) 

Jorge Swaby( Cinematographer) 

Karina (Make up)  

Marciel Miranda (Composer) 

Regina Yurrita (Art Department )  

Richard Rines (Camera Department)

Dante Walker(1st AC & Key Grip)

Cristian Gomez (PA)  

Steve William Gonzalez (Sound Mixer) 

Marco Gonzalez ( Camera Dpt)

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