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A Civilized World

A Civilized World  (15 min) USA


On a regular day at school, Micayla is outed by a rival classmate. She is ostracized by the other students and labeled a sex offender by local law enforcement. 


Director - Anghujs Houvouras

Anghus Houvouras is a Wilmington, North Carolina based writer for screen and stage having written the screenplays for the produced feature films 20 Funerals, Dead Heist & Furnace. On stage, his play 'Chekhov's Gun' has recently been produced as part of the Allens Lane Reader's Theater Series and is a finalist in The Basement Theater's D@mn, Sh!t F*ck Festival.

Written & Directed by Anghus Houvouras


Produced by Anghus Houvouras, Andrew Sleet & Justin Smith




Andrew Goodman - Justin Smith

Eleanor Reed - Karen Labbe

Thomas Dean - Adrian Monte

Condemned #1 - Brendan Carter

Condemned #2 - Tracy Byrd

Condemned #3 - Renee Plante

Bartender - Jordan Davis




Director of Photography - Adrian Kohann

Editor - Shane Callahan

Assistant Director - Meg Lansaw

Script Supervisor - Jordan Davis

Production Designer -  Taylor Kanfoushas 

Riley O'Dell - Set Decorator

Make Up & Wardrobe - Ash Crist

Production Sound - Cameron Varney

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