SUBWAY (4 min) Spain

Subway is a short film about a very long instant: falling in love. 


Director - Carlos Garcia de Dios

Garcia de Dios began his career as director of photography in 2008 in New York. During this time, he has worked behind the camera in a variety of projects both in the US and in Spain, among others the winner of a Goya "Paco de Lucía: La search "(2014, Curro Sánchez), or the medium-length "Licentiate Cantinas" (Alexis Morante, 2012) nominated for a Latin Grammy. His extensive participation in creative preproduction tasks has led him to develop his role beyond photography as a producer and director.

Director and Writer: Carlos Garcia de Dios

Producer: Raul Santos and Carlos Garcia de Dios

Key Cast:

Lucia Guerrero

Composer: Miguel Torres and Julio Revilla

Cinematography: Carlos Garcia de Dios

Edition: Carlos Garcia de Dios

FX: Lisa Daly Steffey

Narrator: Allen Lewis Rickman