NOVAGRAD (14 min) Italy

World borders are disbanded, creating social and ethnic heterogeneous conglomerates. In the East Block of a distant city, a relentless series of homicides breaks the silence. Only one person seems to be linked to the trail of dead bodies. His name is Kevin Grace, an anonymous crime news photo reporter. 

Director - Lorenzo Corvino

Corvino, born in 1979, is an Italian director with extensive film experience on sets in different roles, from assistant director to assistant director, from planner to curator of publicity and video clip director, who with his first feature, WAX: We Are the X, served in the triple roles of director, screenwriter and producer which resulted in him ranking third for Best New Director at the David Di Donatello Awards. He has over 30 festivals in a year under his belt, among which he won the Best Film in Foreign Language at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London and Primo Award at the 49th World Fest in Houston Texas.

Director: Lorenzo Corvino

Writer: Cristiano Malacrino and ​Daniele Zed Berretta

​Producer: Silvia Nitrato Izzo, Daniele Berretta, Cristiano Malacrino, Fabrizio Bottacchiari, Lorenzo Saponetta, Daniele Capaccetti (Videns Pictures), Francesco Bruschettini, Francesco Cimpanelli (Kahuna Film) and Andrea De Riso (Prontimotoreazione)

Key Cast:

Marco Rossetti

Andrea Sartoretti

Giulio Cristini

Margherita Laterza

Niccolò Senni

Claudia Salvatore

Antonio Covatta

Fabrizio Bordignon

Federico Palmieri