An emotionally fractured woman examines her past in search of answers for her present entanglement. 

Director - Stacey Larkins

Larkins is a multi-award winning filmmaker, writer and musician residing in the New York City metropolitan area. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College, and a Masters in Music from New York University. She has shot, written, directed, composed music and edited several short films that have played in numerous film festivals in the United States and internationally. Her films have been licensed by Shorts TV International and Aspire TV.  Her award winning film Jabari Keating is currently airing on Aspire TV's Urban Indie Film Block. She has also written work for theater, that has been produced by theatrical production companies in New York City and the U.K.

Producers: Stacey Larkins and Ron Pokryska

Writer/Director: Stacey Larkins



Kezia Bernard

Colleen Slattery

Andrea Petersen

Wenyi Wei

Brendan McGowan

Ryan Glover

Gilson Morales


Composers: Stacey Larkins and Ron Pokryska

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