MEUTE (19 min) France

Sacha is starting his final year in a new high school in Ile de France. Fitting in to the band of the popular boys, he meets Jade, a young, beautiful and mysterious girl for whom he’s developing affection. The band pushes him to sleep with her, especially as they made her reputation as an easy girl. How far is he ready to go to be accepted? 


Director - Ambre Rambaud

Rambaud graduated from a French cinema school: ESRA (Superior School of Audiovisual Production), and she came back from a year at Stonestreet Studios in New York, NY where she was able to deepen her training and learn new working methods. Rambaud had the opportunity to work on several shoots from being First Assistant Director to Production assistant on a BMW advertisement.

Director and Writer: Ambre Rambaud

Director of Photography: Nathan Coen