Carolina is a has-been actress who’s taken a career hiatus to recover from a public mental health breakdown. When given the opportunity to audition for a part in a film, she is triggered into a spiral that will reveal the hidden demons of her psyche, and ultimately teach her who is in control. 

Director – Jokes Yanes

In 2017, the Urban Film Festival awarded Yanes' film "Toyed" with both "Best Short Film" and "Best Actor in a Short Film" for the star of Toyed, James Wahlberg. 
In 2019, Jokes Yanes took home "Best Short Film" for his movie "Brass Knuckles" at Film Carpet festival, as well as "Best Drama: Short Film" for his movie, "His Name is Kenneth." Yanes recently won the "Exceptional Merit Award of Excellence " for his documentary film, "RIDE: Challenge to Conquer Cancer."


Produced by Katalina Viteri, Jokes Yanes and Cristy Trabadass

Director: Jokes Yanes​

Writer: Katalina Viteri and Jokes Yanes

Director of Photography: Stephen Brevig

Key Cast:

Katalina Viteri

Oscar Torre

Kerby Collins

Giovanni Profera

Angela Ayala

J. Bishop​