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 Andy, a 20 years old thoughtful guy, comes back to his hometown after the death of his father, Abraham, a famous chameleon expert. When he arrives he discovers that his dad left his laboratory full of chameleons to him. Since Abraham constantly neglected Andy to look after his green creatures, the young guy has subconsciously adopted Chameleon features. 

Directed by Alessio Marzilli


CAST: Sinclair Branbsy Williams, Elòise Thomas, Daniel Brindley, Sonja Quita Doubleday, Samuel Woodhams, Paul Blezard-Gymer, Casey, Alessandra Celani, Mauro Delli Bovi, Joe Olmstead

Writer: Alessio Marzilli

D.O.P.: Judyta D. Potocka

Gaffer: Dylan Hughes

Camera Operator: Judyta D. Potocka

First Assistant Camera/Focus Puller: Tianyi Zhou

Second Assistant Camera: Johanna Ort

Grip: Dylan Hughes: Sound Recordist: Luke Meeson

First Assistant Director: Freyja Pakarinen

Script Supervisor: Heidi Jones

BTS/Photographer: He Xiaozhaowei

Casting Director: Judyta Potocka and Alessio Marzilli

Costumes: Alessio Marzilli

Location Manager: Freyja Pakarinen

Art Director: Alessio Marzilli

Painters: Anahid Ansari, Megan Gracey, Alice Stoll, Alice Emily Grigg, Maddy Santon

Catering: Johanna Ort and Tianyi Zhou

Editing: Alessio Marzilli

Color Correction: Judyta Potocka

Sound Recordist Voiceover: James Wright

Sound Mix: Emma Butt and Alessio Marzilli